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Chromebook Keyboard Buttons

 (Escape) Interrupt or cancel the current process

   Back one page

   Forward one page

    Refresh page
   Full page (toggle the current page to take up the full screen)

   Show windows (show all the open windows on the screen)

    Screen brightness down

     Screen brightness up

    Lower volume

   Raise volume


  Search your apps and the web

Chromebook Troubleshooting

Google Drive & Schoology
Zoom Connectivity

Reset a Frozen or slow performing Chromebook

Option 1 – Reset Shortcut

  • Press the “Refresh”  button and “Power”  button simultaneously to force a restart.

Option 2 – Hold Power

  • Simply press and hold the “Power”  button until the Chromebook shuts off. You can then turn it back on.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Touchpad Gestures

How to Change your PASSWORD

PIN Request